Calming The Body and Emotions

Calming the body and emotions is essential to reworking neural pathways in your brain from a primitive knee jerk automatic response to one of choice. We have been in the habit of reacting to our primitive brain, our amygdala, hypothalamus, our instinctual brain. Trauma memories get stored in our amygdala part of the brain, in our cells, in our sensory memories of our experiences. When we put our self regulation on automatic, we often default into negative reactions, amygdala hijacks, triggers of previous traumatic experience.

Mindfulness is when we can be diligent, pay attention, self monitor our thoughts and emotions, our consciousness stream, pay attention to thoughts received and sent. Some of the thoughts are connected to our intuition. When we can focus on our peaceful, or calm, loving thoughts, or even in our excited, eagerness- we can make more room to live in our peace, our bliss. When you can get back to your intention, to what you want to create, to your plan, you are halfway to creating a better outcome. YAY!

A lot of the time, our bodies are “Resting” at a high threshold of adrenaline thumping, cortisol pumping, pseudo alertness. In other words, we haven’t let go of the stress in a day, and have banked it, collecting interest, and adding to the emotional and nervous pressure. The more this pressure builds, the less capacity we have to manage our emotional and body responses to situations. It is like being held hostage to our anger, when we can no longer lower our alertness rate, we can become habituated into an anger response. Long term situations tend to lead to dis-ease, the body breaks down. Anxiety and nervous responses, over reactions become the norm.

Resetting the emotional and anxious responses brings the body back to balance. Deep breathing, slowing the heart beat, meditation, mindfulness- check in with the self talk, activities in nature, moving into music with song or movement or both all are helpful. It is important to be able to let go of anxious energy to exercise and release endorphin’s. Making decisions in a calm deliberate way leads to better outcomes.