When Trauma and Crisis Management is Needed

There are times when life throws you a curve ball. All of us at some point in our lives have been in crisis, where our coping skills are overwhelmed, and we need a lifeline to be able to breathe air again.

In the case of medical crisis, go to the medical teams, and get the first level of need dealt with. When you are ready, you can call up for grief counselling to be able to go through and process the emotions, cipher out the needs, and make a safety plan, choose again.

It is helpful to have someone attend your appointments with you, hear what the doctor’s have to say, ask the questions. A patient is likely in shock, and is probably going to miss a lot of what is said. Note pads, written notes all help. The journey through the medical process can leave a patient feeling powerless as so much control often gets turned over to the experts. When you do speak up, participate in the decisions, it becomes your experience choices again.

During a cancer experience now 8 years ago, I found that I went deep into my resources, found strength I didn’t know I had. The inner journey became a turning point in my life. I am grateful to those precious few who were able to support me. This experience informs my work about the loving compassion and power of forgiveness; the need to let go of the anger in the midst of longstanding lineage trauma stored within the body. Healing crisis can effect entire families and communities. Counselling can help you navigate through all of the emotions and process from your heart.

In the case of violence, extreme domestic issues, go for safety first. Police, emergency needs get met first. When there is time, counselling can help you debrief, and move into normalization. What needs to be different? What do you want to experience? Get to safety first, then you can call for counselling support. There are Women’s shelters for the purpose of short term safety.

When you are ready, call for counselling to explore why you are in a pattern that keeps repeating. What life do you want? In many cases, friends and family can help. When we can build safety into our homes, our communities, everyone benefits.

In the case of addictions, substance abuse, immediate safety needs – have to be put into place. Then you can call for counselling, find out what is available, what you can do. In Kamloops the Phoenix center supervises your detoxing, this can help you feel safe and taken care of. There are treatment programs for gambling, and substance abuse. Counselling with me can help you assess where you are, get into treatment, and do the follow up with you.

In the cases of suicide attempts or concerns, again put safety into place, then call for counselling and support. Hospitalization may be part of the recovery plan. Support teams can be great, and successful.

Extreme poverty and homelessness situations can be helped through ASK Wellness services, the foodbank, the hostel, Emerald House, social services.

When we can turn away from apathy, and reduce or eliminate suffering, the world is indeed a better place.