Natural Allergy Relief

Allergies are the immune system’s specific reaction to a normally harmless substance such as pollen, certain foods, or medicines. There are two main types, seasonal and perennial. The seasonal variety occurs at specific times of the year, while the perennial variety can happen year-round. In many cases, successful treatment involves medication, reducing contact with specific allergens, or shots.

An effective allergy treatment is a concern for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies or asthma. Like many other medical conditions, allergies are affecting a growing portion of society.

Serious diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke seem to be rising at about the same rate along with allergies. Thankfully there is an effective natural allergy relief available now and no, it’s not acupuncture.

Read on to discover an allergy treatment that addresses cat allergies, dog, food, mold, latex, milk, and skin allergies to mention a few. The science behind this allergy treatment is extensive. It is a holistic, anti-histamine, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory which is used extensively in the Far East as a homeopathic allergy treatment.

Where To Begin With Allergy Relief

Traditionally, an allergy test is a good place to start as it can identify what allergy treatment would be most effective. You’ll then want to consider removal of anything within your control like problem foods or pet allergies that cause your flare ups.

This is obvious of course, but with the large number of allergens beyond your control the better question is “How to reduce allergy reactions effectively and safely?”

In North American prescription medications are traditional now and we have a highly developed health system specializing in many areas, the best in the world in many respects. But there are some aspects of healing that some Doctors know very little about. (like an effective natural allergy treatment for instance)

Consider This

There are hundreds of allergens that cause reactions ranging from a red swollen allergy reaction to psoriasis and other bothersome allergies. How effective can a prescription pill be when it’s laser focused on one thing like anti-histamines? It’s a well known fact that prescription medications cause side effects and that’s why so many people are seeking a natural allergy treatment as a holistic approach.

Over the last three decades there has been a lot of research around a specific group of nutrients called Xanthones typically found in wood, that have proven to be a powerful allergy treatment.

Xanthones are a special class of antioxidant that has a basic molecular structure classified as a double bonded carbon. Any biologist will recognize the significance of the double bonded molecule in a flash, but if you’re not a biologist then I should explain that a little further.

A Brief Explanation of Xanthones

Let me go a little deeper first then I’ll back up to how a double bonded molecule relates to an effective allergy treatment. Xanthones have a skeleton structure (the double bond) and side chains. Each side chain in a xanthone can address a specific problem area in your body much like a key fits a lock, and as an allergy treatment this has significant meaning.

Because of the 43 variations of the basic Xanthone, it can deliver its allergy treatment more effectively. If a specific allergy demands a variety of solutions, the sheer number of xanthone variations are able to solve the puzzle. In other words, the varitey of xanthone molecules are anywhere from 20 times to 30 times more effective than individual antioxidants and nutrients.

A Powerful Allergy Treatment

To put this in perspective, there are a growing number of Doctors aware of the Xanthone allergy treatment, recommending this first and resorting to prescriptions only if the condition persists.

Remember the healing power of Aloe Vera? It has one xanthone in it. When Aloe Vera first arrived on the health scene in the late 70’s it quickly became a household name and dozens of companies jumped on the Aloe Vera band wagon. These days you can walk into any health food store and choose between eight or ten different brands of Aloe Vera.

In 2002 a powerhouse botanical was found to have over 40 XANTHONES! The amazing thing is, this allergy treatment is in a single, wonderful tasting fruit!

Mangosteen and Xanthones

The fruit I’m describing is called Mangosteen. (no relation to Mango) With the proper dosage it’s an effective allergy treatment for a majority of allergies. There has been hundreds of hours of detailed research done on the Mangosteen fruit because of its anti-histamine properties.

There are centuries of folk lore passed down through generations, and scores of scientific papers on Mangosteen dating back to the late 1800’s. Why it only just went commercial in the last few years is a mystery, but thankfully it was discovered by a savvy group who have gone to great lengths to deliver a quality product with consistent nutritional value.

How To Capture All The Nutrients

The majority of Xanthones in Mangosteen are in the rind, which is rather bitter tasting by itself. Traditional treatments over the centuries were made by grinding and processing the rind (for topical applications) or making tea from it.

To suit our discerning tastes these days, they puree the whole Mangosteen with a few other fruits for flavor. This is a patented process only available from one company.