Working With Multi Generational Addiction Patterns

How many times have you been told “you are just like your mother!” or your father? Many times we see multi-generational trauma patterns passed down the lineage. A great example of this is war post traumatic stress disorder untreated, that then gets experienced through lack of calm, attuned parenting to the children. The mental health of the parents makes a huge difference in their ability to parent. Mal-adaptive coping and parenting gets passed down by experiences to the children through epi-genetics, role modeling and internalization of values and beliefs.


Having one addicted parent increases the likelihood of children getting caught in the addiction cycle. The more chronic, and the more extreme the breakdown of family functioning as the result of the addiction- the more difficult it is to break the pattern. Yet, I know many wonderful people who have been sober for decades because they chose to live differently.

To be sober requires being real with yourself and with other people in your life. There are 12 step programs that offer amazing support within community, so you can experience yourself more fully. Counseling is a great step to get you started at looking at the darker sides of the addiction pattern, helping you to move through it. Addiction recovery is a lifelong focus.

Violence is the Misuse of Power

Violating someone’s personal boundaries is an intrusion, a violation of their safety at some level. In the face of working with violence in the home, safety rules have to be enforceable. Creating a safety plan with others is always the first step in dealing with the violence. Violence can come in the form of verbal abuse, physical abuse or threat of and destruction of property or threat of.

When children see others get beaten up, it is just as devastating as if they had been beaten up directly. If facing violence, establish safety rules first, even if you have to call in police or someone to help you. Counselling can help you set up healthy boundaries and safety plans to help you get back on track. Healthy communication, emotional literacy skills, self regulation creates peace.

Bully Power

This is mis-using your personal power, not appreciating or understanding how to work with personal boundaries. Being indifferent to the impact of your behavior on other people’s or animal’s experiences. A false sense or exaggerated image of yourself can get in the way of fairness, and being appropriate in social or work situations.

When there is a distorted image of yourself, other people ‘s dignity is sacrificed for perceived short falls. Intentionally causing shame, humiliation, and suffering of someone else is sick. What is the pay off from mis-behaviour? What benefit keeps this pattern going? Counselling can help you get this pattern shut down.

Servitude and Sacrifice

This has to be looked as part of gender roles and family, cultural expectations. In the short term a person can go on the sacrifice wheel, and maybe work overtime, or go without resources that other members of the family get. There are times when the family needs to rally around the specific care needs of a baby, young children, or seniors. In these cases, resources are available to help, to support the family, the individual.

A short term process means that there can be a balancing, a recovery and a normalization. When there are long term servitude and sacrifices required it can have effect on the personality and function of the individual. Anxiety, depression, loss of personal power can degenerate into mental health concerns.

Dr. Louis Allergic Rhinitis Testimonial

This message is from a Doctor who had a condition called allergic rhinitis and started using Mangosteen juice to address his allergic rhinitis problem. I wanted to show you this so you can see that not only are average people like you and I talking about Mangosteen, but professionals are too.

Keep in mind someone in a position of authority does not usually jump to conclusions, or make statements without being confident about what he says. A Doctor has to be concerned about his reputation whenever releasing a statement to the public.

<———- Beginning of Message———->

I am sending you this email as a recently enrolled mangosteen juice distributor to inform you of what I consider to be a truly remarkable therapeutic response from using mangosteen juice.

As a physician who trained at the Yale University School of Medicine and is a former member of the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, I have been somewhat skeptical of the health claims of many nutritional supplements.

Unlike most other physicians, however, I was always aware of the tremendous importance of nutrition as a factor in many of the most common illnesses and I pursued a Master of Public Health degree at Harvard University in order to learn more about nutrition and the role of alternative treatments in maintaining optimal health.

I have always been open to using natural allergy treatments so when I was contacted by my sponsor about mangosteen juice and the fact that it contained Xanthones I was very intrigued because I had been aware of the fact that St. John’s Wort a popular antidepressant in Europe contained Xanthones which were in part felt to be responsible for its mood-elevating and energizing effects.

allergic rhinitis
allergic rhinitis

For years I suffered from a medical disorder known as allergic rhinitis, which resulted in debilitating headaches, repeat sinus infections and required treatment with antibiotics. I had consulted with several ENT and Allergy specialists and was prescribed a variety of antihistaminic agents (Allegra, Zyrtec, Claritin, Nasacort, Flonase) with only marginal relief of my symptoms.

I decided to try mangosteen juice for my allergy symptoms after I reviewed some scientific literature and was surprised to discover robust evidence that the Xanthones in garcinia mangostana L. actually inhibited histamine release and also reduced prostaglandin E-2 synthesis that is known to mediate allergic reactions in the human body.

To my utter amazement, I can bear witness to the fact that within 2 days of ingesting only one ounce of mangosteen juice twice a day I had almost complete resolution of my allergic symptoms and was able to discontinue all of my antihistamine medications.

Feeling that this was “too good to be true” I then initiated my own washout protocol by stopping the mangosteen juice for one day. To my astonishment, the following day I was re-introduced to my former allergy symptoms of pounding headaches, congestion, and sneezing, which again resolved after restarting the mangosteen juice.

It is extremely gratifying to know that there is strong scientific proof for the health benefits I experienced with mangosteen juice.

The validation of this product by identifying the scientific role of Xanthones allows me to refute the many skeptics who are biased against the use of all natural non-toxic treatments for medical illnesses and would rather worship at the altar of Big Pharma and buy into the medical establishment’s view that all we need are stronger medications to vanquish all of the world’s diseases, notwithstanding the fact that the Institute of Medicine reports that adverse reactions to medications kill at least 108,000 people a year.

Throughout my medical career I have been disheartened to observe that in the U.S. we have more medicines but less health and I am immensely grateful that there exists a natural product such as mangosteen juice which is health enhancing and non-toxic.


<———- End of Message———->

One more thing:

As this information finds its way into more Doctors hands, it will eventually be introduced to patients with allergic rhinitis and related problems. Presently there are hundreds of Doctors experimenting with Mangosteen and contributing to the growing pool of evidence showing positive results for allergic rhinitis and other allergy problems.

With universities and independent studies focusing on Xanthones and the healing power they offer, we should eventually see Mangosteen emerging as an important part of general health, somewhat like what happened with Aloe Vera a few years ago.

Problems With Allergy and Deodorant

Deodorants and perfumes are a multi-billion dollar industry, but for some of us those odors cause no end of discomfort. Although considered socially acceptable for masking unpleasant body odors or to create an allure, perfumes can cause a reaction to your allergy, and deodorant is another culprit. Allergic reactions range from mild discomfort to a disabling condition and can be especially difficult when encountered in public, as it’s difficult to escape it when in a confined area.

Recognizing this, some thoughtful promoters have requested that participants refrain from wearing perfumes or deodorants when at a conference. Unfortunately not everyone understands that an allergic reaction can cause difficulty with breathing, rashes, asthma attacks and general discomfort. It’s the various chemicals in the perfumes that cause the allergic reactions to those who are sensitive.

Perfume Allergy Symptoms To Watch For

Studies have shown that deodorant and perfume fragrances are respiratory irritants and can cause an asthma attack. It’s even possible perfume odors are a root cause of asthma in some cases. Exposure to these odors can disable a sensitive person and keep them sidelined from normal activities.

Sensitivity to allergy and deodorants can be extreme. If you are concerned about that, here is what to watch for. Headaches, difficulty breathing, clenched throat or loss of voice, nausea, a tingling sensation of the skin or lips, loss of focus, joint and muscle pain. There may be other more specific allergy like symptoms, in which case you should talk to your Doctor about that.

Fragrance And Deodorant Allergy

perfume allergy
perfume allergy

Fragrances are used in more products than just deodorants and perfumes. You’ll also find them in food, and in a variety of personal hygiene products. There are quite a few identified allergens in these fragrances such as benzyl alcohol and anisyl alcohol. Natural products such as clove oil and cinnamon oil can also cause an allergic reaction.

Allergy and deodorants have a separate category because of certain chemical compounds present in deodorants. Thankfully, not all deodorants have these allergens and once you identify any chemicals you are sensitive to it is easy to avoid those products.

See Your Doctor About a Deodorant Allergy

If you find you are sensitive to any deodorants or perfumes you should consider getting an allergy test done. There are a few different types that identify problem irritants and you can discuss these with your Doctor.

There is a patch test, where an adhesive strip with common allergens is applied to your skin for reactions. A typical response will be swelling or any typical allergic reaction to identify the irritant. The other type of allergy tests include the skin prick test and a blood test.

Top Seven Allergy Relief Products

If a natural allergy remedy works for you, this is a much better solution. Many of us are aware of the side effects of pills. There is a growing trend to find a natural solution to health problems before having to resort to pills.

There are a number of allergy relief products to quell possible flare-ups. Here is a list of the seven most effective ways to find relief from allergies.

Nasal Sprays and Nasal Strips

Nasal Sprays help clear nasal passages as well as moisten them. Nasal Strips help open nasal passages, reduce snoring and helps with breathing when working out.

vacuum cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaners and Dusters

These can help but you may want to consider wearing a face mask when vacuuming or dusting to prevent inhaling any dust your stir up. Look for a duster that captures dust rather than just moving it around. Vacuum cleaners are notorious for blowing dust out the exhaust valve. Either have your vacuum tested or buy one that is capable of holding everything in the dust bag. The type of vacuum cleaner that creates a whirlwind inside the bag usually captures and holds the most dust.

An old vacuum cleaner sales mans trick to check for dust leakage, is to turn out the lights and shine a flashlight on the exhaust to see how much dust blows out the back end.

It is recommended to vacuum your bed once a month with a good vacuum cleaner to remove dead skin. An accumulation of dead skin in your mattress will breed a colony of dust mites, which are another source of irritation. Consider getting rid of feather pillows, which are another source of dust mites. Dust mites are attracted to your scalp skin and eventually end up eating the feather material as well. Think about how close the pillow is to where you breathe. The irritant is the dust mite feces!

Air Filters

There is a wide variety of air filters on the market. Hepa filters are generally considered the best quality, but are the most expensive of course. If air quality is important to you then invest a little in a good quality air filter. If you have central heating in your home be sure to get a good quality furnace filter and have your furnace serviced at least once every two years. Make sure to change your furnace filters twice a year or more often if you find it helps.


Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air and reduce humidity. They can be helpful with respiratory problems and help with mould allergies. Choose one that can be easily cleaned and runs quiet.

Hypo Allergenic Bedding

You can pick up bedding and pillows made from non-synthetic materials that don’t irritate the skin. Hypo allergenic bedding is usually made from material like cotton, wool, or silk.

Prescription Allergy Medications

If you’ve tried all of the above and still have difficulty, see your Doctor as you may require a prescription. Your Doctor will help you identify whether you need an anti-histamine, decongestant or a nasal spray. If you’e lucky you may be able to get away with cheaper over the counter drugs. Self medicating can sometimes be a problem and if you pick up the wrong thing you’re probably wasting money.


If you have serious allergic reactions to things like bee stings, then you should consider keeping an EpiPen close by at all times. Watch the video below for instructions on a new type of EpiPen.

Natural Allergy Relief

If a natural allergy remedy works for you, this is a much better solution. Many of us are aware of the side effects of pills. There is a growing trend to find natural allergy relief before having to resort to pills.

Mangosteen juice has been making headlines lately and the word is spreading from one Doctors office to another as they discover the variety of benefits. One of the most efficient things Mangosteen can do is reduce or even remove allergy symptoms. Many Doctors are suggesting Mangosteen first, then if required a prescription for persistent problems.

Be aware: Mangosteen juice is offered by many companies. The only preparation worth its salt is one made with the whole fruit such as the XanGo brand. A whole fruit preparation that tastes good is not easy to make because the rind (where all the nutrients are) is very bitter. XanGo has been able to achieve this, capture all the nutrients as well as make it tasty.

Allergy Relief Product Video

Check out this video I found on She gives instructions on how to use an EpiPen. Good to know! The video will take a minute or two to load… Be patient.

Allergy Relief Stories

Here is a collection of stories from people thrilled to be done with their allergies.

Marilyn from Colorado

I have more strength, more energy, a feeling of well-being, my mind is clearer, no more allergies, no more Asthma symptoms, I can lift my arms over my head for the first time in 3 years because of both torn Rotator Cuffs, the strength is back in my hands & they are not bent anymore from arthritis, no more flare-ups from Diverticulitis, no more gall-bladder attacks, my hair has quit falling out & is getting thicker, I am walking straighter, not bent over anymore, & walking faster.

Simon from Texas

Every one of my joints was in constant pain. I could not lift my arms with out extreme pain. I was very sceptical about any non traditional health products. I also have had allergies for so long, I can´t remember being with out a runny nose. Just four days of 3 ounces of Mangosteen Juice and I saw huge differance in my health. I drink it twice a day now.

Cathy from Missouri

After drinking Mangosteen Juice for a few weeks, I noticed that I was sleeping better and had a lot more energy. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the hot flashes waking me up three to four times a night stopped and Mangosteen Juice was the only thing in my life that I changed. The morning post nasal drip due to allergies is gone.


PJ from Georgia

I suffer from allergies all year round. No rest! I doubted the mangosteen drink for about 2 months until I ran out of my allergy pills. I started taking it for something else and realized my allergies were gone and I didn’t need any more pills. To test it I stopped taking Mangosteen juice for a week. I have to admit it, my eyes started to itch and my post nasal drip came back. I quickly went back on the juice and have not taken a pill ever since.

Ann from Illinois

My daughter (age 15) has a bulging Lumbar 4-5 disc. She was on large amounts of Advil and then Aleve for 2 months and the discomfort still continued. A friend introduced us to the mangosteen juice and we gave it to our daughter 2 times a day for a total of 4 ounces. She started to feel natural allergy relief from her symptoms within the first week and we discontinued all her other medications. For our son we thought it might help his allergies. He was always “stuffed up” and couldn’t smell or taste his food. He took Allegra as a decongestant and used two different nose sprays with minimal relief. We had planned to start allergy shots in January 2006. We tried the mangosteen juice (1 ounce in AM and PM) and it has helped tremendously! For the last month he has not taken the prescribed drugs and he can actually smell his food. We have put off the allergy shots (hopefully forever!).

Ryan from Alberta, Canada

I have had Asthma my whole life. I have grown out of some of the allergies associated with Asthma, but when it is cold outside and I go out for even a little bit, I would wheeze in my lungs as soon as I would come inside and warm up. I began taking the product, as was told it had anti-inflammatory properties. I was hoping that if would help my Asthma even a bit. I started taking about 5-6 ounces of the product daily. About two weeks later I started noticing an increased amount of energy. About another month after this I noticed that when I went out in the cold weather that I would not wheeze hardly at all after coming in from the cold. This product has helped my life out dramatically. My 81 year old grandmother has been taking the product for about 8 months. She is in good health to start with but after taking the product has a lot more energy. She can now hoe the weeds out of her whole garden without taking a break where as before she would have to do parts at a time. This product is amazing.

How To Treat Hay Fever

Valora from Minnesota

I had suffered from a chronic condition for years with very little help from doctors and chiropractors and even homeopaths. They had all given up on me. I had so many allergies that they were afraid to treat me. I had open sores on most of my body, even my arms. I was even wearing long sleeves to cover up the sores and scars in the heat of August, because it was so embarrassing. My husband noticed first, he noticed my arms when I rolled up my sleeves. The open sores had healed over, and some had even cleared up. The angry looking inflammation surrounding the areas was no longer noticeable, and my face especially, had become softer, and smoother looking. I also had no aching in my joints, esp. in my back. My digestive tract had been working perfectly! Now that was phenomenal for me because of irritable bowel. My hypoglycemia was not giving me any difficulties whatsoever! That had plagued me for over a year, and I had tried so many different things that I could write a book on the subject! We believe in this product. Thanks!

John from Missouri

My seasonal allergies cleared up completely after one full month. I used to have to take zyrtec, eye drops, and a nasal spray every day to keep my allergies under control. I haven’t had to take anything for my allergies in the last two months, and this is normally the worst time of the year for me. I take three ounces a day and I love it.

Take a moment now to see how to get Mangosteen delivered to your door. Watch this short video and you will be taken to the Mangosteen site.

Order A Case Of Mangosteen Today! Watch the video to see how to get a case of Mangosteen.


I have been a massage therapist for 16 years and had terrible joint pain in my hands and shoulders. Over the last 7 months on mangosteen juice, my joint pain has gone away as well as my allergies, and I am off all medication. I used to have bad headaches a few times a week, but now have not had one in the last 7 months. My cholesterol went from 210 to 181. I have lowered my thyroid medicine I had eczema on my elbows and it is gone. I sleep better and have more energy. It did not all happen over night. The first month I was drinking the juice I actually felt more tired but I did have relief from my allergies. I had a complete physical 2 months prior but had forgot to get blood work done for my thyroid. My endocrinologist after a complete blood work up on me one month on mangosteen juice. I was able to lower my thyroid medicine and my cholesterol dropped from 210 to 197 so I knew it was working. It took a couple months for my joint pain to go away. It took 4 months for my eczema on my elbows to go away. I have a friend who has had eczema since childhood and in 3 weeks hers was all gone. Every day I feel better and better! I love the product, the company and the business.

Deb from Arizona

Before using the product, I was taking 1600 mg of Motrin daily for chronic inflammation. I also was taking 180 mg of Allegra for allergies along with Abuterol inhalers and breathing machine mixtures of Abuterol and Atrovent for breathing treatments. I also take high blood pressure medication and Type II Diabetes medication. I have been able to totally eliminate the Motrin, all the allergy medications, and decreased my blood pressure and oral diabetic medication in half. I am ecstatic with the results that I have seen in myself and the money that I have saved in pharmaceuticals alone. Being able to eliminate the drugs from my daily routine alone has been a real blessing.

Debra from Canada

I started taking mangosteen juice about three months ago, and I noticed a change right away. I have about 40 allergies and spring was here that means I get very sick. Within a couple of days my head was clear, no hives no running nose or major headaches. I am still taking mangosteen juice faithfully everyday and I haven’t been sick yet and I haven’t had allergy shots or used allergy pills.

Sharon from Pennsylvania

I have some serious allergies. I can’t be around burning candles, perfumes, molds and pollen to mention a few. I haven’t received flowers from my husband for years as I can’t be in the same room without a “reaction”. Since I started taking mangosteen juice about 4 weeks ago I have completely gone off my allergy nasal spray. I can walk my Grandson with all the trees and flowers in full bloom, withstand the cleaning sprays, perfumes and such without a single reaction! I have even helped cut the grass, something that I always avoided before because I would feel miserable for days afterwards. I now have enough energy to actually take walks, I fall asleep faster and sleep sound. My shoulder which has bothered me for years is down to about 50% in pain and I don’t seem to get as stressed. Thanks!

Disclaimer: We cannot claim that our recommendations are able to treat, cure or prevent any disease. However, for hundreds of years Mangosteen has been used by Asian doctors with success. Since we recommend botanical products, we are compelled to say that everyone is responsible for their own health care and Help With takes no responsibility for anyone’s treatment.

Milk Allergies

There’s a lot of good information on the net about milk allergies, what foods to avoid, average ages when milk allergies subside for a baby, specific definitions and so on. This page on has one of the best articles on specifics and details in that regard.

In this article we go a little deeper into underlying implications milk has on an unsuspecting public. We explore the darker side of milk allergies and will probably stir up a little controversy with the dairy association.

Milk is more damaging than the authorities would have us believe. It has been estimated that over 70% of the world’s population are unable to digest the milk sugar lactose, which has led some nutritionists to believe that this is the normal condition for adults. It has also been said that milk is the most common cause of food allergies. So if that’s the case, why is milk listed in the Western Food Guides, sponsored by western Government.

Asian Culture Provides Some Clues

Milk is not a part of traditional Asian culture as many Orientals can’t tolerate dairy, they say it’s only for babies. This makes a good case for breastfeeding as it has been proven that breast milk has exactly what an infant needs for immunity, and a complete spectrum of nutrients. Children need extra help before they reach six months and cows milk doesn’t have what they need. It’s great for calf’s, but not humans.

A startling statistic about milk has to do with breast cancer. (you’ll see the connection in a moment) Asian breast cancer rates are about one in 10,000 compared to Western breast cancer rates that go as high as one in ten!

Why Mention Cancer Rates In A Milk Allergy Article?

Many health problems are inter-related and have common root causes as scientists are discovering now. For instance chronic inflammation has been found to be a root cause in almost every serious disease. Many allergic reactions are an effect caused by inflammation, such as hives and asthma.

Symptoms of Milk Allergies

People who are allergic to milk react to the casein and whey proteins in milk. This is because the shape and size of those molecules can not be digested easily by humans. Nutritionists who rally against milk will tell you to eliminate dairy from your diet all together.

Any personal research you do on milk allergies will offer the obvious advice to avoid foods or allergens that cause reactions. We suggest you eliminate dairy completely to help with your allergies, but more importantly, to ward off serious disease, and that’s the reason why breast cancer is mentioned in this article.

The Breast Cancer Connection

Dr. Jane Plant, a scientist in the UK discovered a connection between dairy products and breast cancer. Her husband is also a scientist and together they made the connection between Asians and their low breast cancer rate (1 in 10,000) versus Westerners whose breast cancer rates are 1 in 10. Dairy is entrenched in the western food culture and pushed on us through the media.

Once Dr. Plant made this connection she immediately removed all dairy from her diet. Within weeks there was a noticeable reduction in her breast cancer lump and shortly there after, completely gone! She then told other women with breast cancer about her discovery and of the 63 women who listened, all of them survived!

You can pick up her book to get the full story. Your Life in Your Hands by Jane Plant is published by Virgin at £16.99 in the UK. Look for it on Amazon.

Milk Allergies and Intolerance

As stated before, over 70% of us are unable to properly digest lactose, the simple sugar in milk. Even if it doesn’t bother you, lactose is an incompatible food. If you consider that milk is thought to be the most common cause of other food allergies, then it seems logical that consuming an incompatible food will cause havoc in your body.

Those of us who are doing the research and watching what we eat are the rare exceptions. The reason we have problem foods on supermarket shelves is purely economical. Dairy has been around for centuries and in the last hundred years gained a firm grip in Government food guides, on our supermarket shelves and in our food infrastructure. It’s considered a staple because of the calcium content and other factors. Unfortunately, the basic molecular structure in milk is incompatible for humans.

Whether you’re concerned about milk allergies for teens or toddlers, the best course of action is to remove dairy from your cupboards. If the milk allergy is severe you will need to get good at reading labels to avoid the hidden milk ingredients disguised under different names. Here are a few milk related names to be aware of.

  • Casein products
  • Opta and Simplesse
  • Hydrolysates
  • Lactose
  • Whey

There are other foods like sugar for instance that cause health symptoms too. But now that you’ve had a glimpse of the problems dairy can cause, maybe it will help you make better choices. Hopefully you’ve had some insights regarding milk allergies and this has helped further your quest.

One more thing I want to mention. This website is dedicated to spreading the word about Mangosteen juice and how it can help with allergies. There are many people who’ve found relief from a wide range of allergies once they start drinking the Mangosteen juice we recommend. For more information on Mangosteen juice, enter your name and email into the form below. If you or your loved ones are like everyone else who has tried Mangosteen, then your battles with milk allergies should be history.

Pollen Allergy

Of all the things that cause seasonal allergy discomfort, pollen allergies (or hayfever) are the most common and wide spread. Pollen particles released from plants for the purpose of fertilization can be carried for miles by the wind. Unfortunately when there is too much pollen in the air, it can cause problems if you are sensitive to it.

Some of the most irritating germinating plants that will bother you are juniper and birch trees, flowers, grass, grains, and common weeds like ragweed. If you shake a plant in germination you’ll usually see a cloud of powder. Hold your breath!

Pollen seasons vary depending on the plants in question and where you are. If you are allergic to pollen, then you probably pay attention to the daily pollen count and allergy alerts. You might also be sensitive to dust and dust mites. It’s almost impossible to avoid pollen unless you stay indoors and you have an expensive air filter system in your home.

Allergy Relief Tips

The most common way to combat a pollen allergy is to visit your Doctor and discuss taking an anti-histamine. There are a number of prescriptions that target specific symptoms, and your Doctor will know which one is best for your condition. There are also a number of natural sources to help with seasonal allergies. One that has been found to be especially effective against a wide variety of allergies is Mangosteen juice.

An All Natural Anti-Histamine

When the whole Mangosteen fruit is made into a juice it contains over 40 Xanthones. The xanthone is a powerful nutrient with a wide variety of applications. One of the active ingredients is a natural anti-histamine.

If the juice is only made from the sweet center, it’s pretty useless as a healing agent so it’s important you read the label to confirm the juice is made from the whole fruit.

Why Go Natural?

Pollen Allergy
Pollen Allergy

Even though there are millions of allergy prescriptions written every year, there is a growing demand for natural solutions to allergy problems. One thing to consider about natural allergy relief is the fact that botanicals work with a spectrum of nutrients, whereas prescriptions work using a single targeted approach like an anti-histamine. Pills tend to have side effects and sometimes lose their effectiveness over time.

With Mangosteen there are over 40 xanthones working in unison boosting the anti-histamine effect. Many people have discovered that the protection increases with prolonged use of Mangosteen. Allergy relief is a common theme written in testimonials from people sharing their experiences.

As Doctors are becoming aware of how effective Mangosteen is against allergies, they are recommending it to their patients first instead of pills to see how it helps. Prescriptions are only written if required, and in many cases not needed.

Why Are Allergies On The Rise?

Think back a few hundred years. Allergies were almost non-existent because as a race we spent more time outdoors, our food was nutrient rich, sugar didn’t exist. We generally ate better because our food was freshly picked or killed, processing hadn’t been invented and so on. Our general lack of exercise and lack of nutrition leaves our bodies weak and unprotected. Our immune systems suffer because we go for the flavor and disregard basic needs.

Don’t beat yourself up too much though. It’s down right difficult to do the right thing when you are tempted at every turn by misleading advertising, big business more concerned with their bottom line than your health, and hundreds of other factors beyond your control. Don’t give up though!

There is something you can do to control of your allergies and open the door to better health. If your concern is how much it will cost, consider the prevention angle. IF you could get outdoors again, how much more would you enjoy yourself? If you were confident that what you were taking to control you allergies is consistently building your immune system instead of compromising it, how would you feel? If you were more productive because you could concentrate more, look and feel better without the weepy eyes and runny nose, stop coughing and sneezing, how much time would you recapture?

Sun Allergy Rash And Sun Stroke

A sun allergy rash isn’t as common as other allergies, but can develop if you have a sensitivity to sun or the heat. A sun allergy rash is usually just a minor annoyance, but for someone really sensitive it can develop into blistering hives that might spread to areas that weren’t exposed directly to the sun.

A sun rash can be welts covering a certain area or might form a ring around your arms or legs. It might start out looking innocent enough but sometimes develops into something more.

It seems children and babies are most vulnerable, so you may want to monitor how much sun your child is exposed to until you know for certain if they have a sun allergy or not.

Sun Stroke Can Affect Anyone

If you are going to be outdoors all day, it’s advisable to get hats for everyone. This will help avoid sun stroke. If you’ve been in the sun all day and feel over-tired that is a symptom of sun stroke. Some call it “sun drunk” because it can affect your balance and even slow your thinking ability while you recover, which is Usually 30 minutes or so. A short nap usually does the trick.

Four Variations of Sun Allergy Rash

The first two are polymorphous light eruption (PMLE) and actinic prurigo (hereditary PMLE). PMLE is the most common sun allergy and produces an itchy rash. Hereditary PMLE is only found in Native Americans and has similar symptoms.

The third is photo allergic eruption. Sometimes this condition takes time to develop and is caused by chemical reactions between the sun and some product you’ve used. This could be sunscreen, makeup, or possibly medication. If you suspect medication, talk to your Pharmacist or Doctor.

The fourth is Solar urticaria. Although this is the rarest sun allergy it’s not uncommon. It generally affects women and produces hives or itchy red bumps.

Solutions To Sun Allergies

It is recommended you use a sunscreen of SPF 15 or greater. If you’re really sensitive, it’s better to use SPF 45 or greater. If it’s your child in question make an effort to re-apply sunscreen every couple hours of so, especially if they’re getting wet. You might even consider an SPF rated lip balm. Be sure to wear hats, and if your child is getting extra quiet they might need a rest, sun stroke creeps up on you quietly.

Another preventative measure is Mangosteen juice. Look for the whole fruit puree that contains the ground up pericarp (the rind of the fruit). The mangosteen contains a specialized category of nutrients called Xanthones which help boost the immune system, creating a better allergy response. There is a wide variety of supporting nutrients in this fruit and has been used for centuries in Asian cultures. It is helpful for many skin conditions, and if you’re familiar with South-East Asia you would know how hot and bright the sun can be there.