Empowerment and Leadership Skills

Everybody needs to be in their power at some time in their life. But what does it mean to be in your authentic power versus bullying someone under false pretenses or a false power?

In order to look at empowerment, you have to look at the loss of power, or control and abusive patterns. The 2 aspects fit together to create a pattern and keep it going; the power and control. So, in order to shift the pattern you have to have balance, wisdom, timing, insight to shift the pattern into something more useful, healthier, and more manageable. This is not usually done overnight, rather it is done in steps, as awareness and practice allows. The starting point is to set the intention of being real, connected to your heart, and looking to create what you need.


From the mindfulness perspective, being in your power means to be in the flow, balanced, centered, connected to your heart. When you are operating from your heart, generally decisions are based on wisdom, grounded in reality. Decisions are often intended, reflected upon, and set into action steps as is possible.

In counselling, empowerment is often a process of really listening to the heart of the matter, observing the situation played out, reflecting on it, engaging the intuitive mind, and choosing a course of direction, engagement that is meaningful to experience.

Empowerment can be referred to as an attunement within yourself. Paying attention to your self-talk, your attitudes, your core beliefs, helps you to include the 95% of the unconscious and subconscious thought streams. Often when people have experienced a lot of toxic core beliefs and attitudes, values; they have unconsciously internalized them, and have become numb to them. We operate at about 5% of conscious awareness. That is all! The good news is that we can access the other 95% , with our intention to focus and pay attention.

Empowerment is the process of choosing our preferred outcome, and putting it into action. Stepping into your leadership can be so satisfying and enjoyable when it is balanced power. Counsellng can help you fine tune what you need and desire in your experiences. You can do it. You can be authentically in your power.