Dr. Louis Allergic Rhinitis Testimonial

This message is from a Doctor who had a condition called allergic rhinitis and started using Mangosteen juice to address his allergic rhinitis problem. I wanted to show you this so you can see that not only are average people like you and I talking about Mangosteen, but professionals are too.

Keep in mind someone in a position of authority does not usually jump to conclusions, or make statements without being confident about what he says. A Doctor has to be concerned about his reputation whenever releasing a statement to the public.

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I am sending you this email as a recently enrolled mangosteen juice distributor to inform you of what I consider to be a truly remarkable therapeutic response from using mangosteen juice.

As a physician who trained at the Yale University School of Medicine and is a former member of the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, I have been somewhat skeptical of the health claims of many nutritional supplements.

Unlike most other physicians, however, I was always aware of the tremendous importance of nutrition as a factor in many of the most common illnesses and I pursued a Master of Public Health degree at Harvard University in order to learn more about nutrition and the role of alternative treatments in maintaining optimal health.

I have always been open to using natural allergy treatments so when I was contacted by my sponsor about mangosteen juice and the fact that it contained Xanthones I was very intrigued because I had been aware of the fact that St. John’s Wort a popular antidepressant in Europe contained Xanthones which were in part felt to be responsible for its mood-elevating and energizing effects.

allergic rhinitis
allergic rhinitis

For years I suffered from a medical disorder known as allergic rhinitis, which resulted in debilitating headaches, repeat sinus infections and required treatment with antibiotics. I had consulted with several ENT and Allergy specialists and was prescribed a variety of antihistaminic agents (Allegra, Zyrtec, Claritin, Nasacort, Flonase) with only marginal relief of my symptoms.

I decided to try mangosteen juice for my allergy symptoms after I reviewed some scientific literature and was surprised to discover robust evidence that the Xanthones in garcinia mangostana L. actually inhibited histamine release and also reduced prostaglandin E-2 synthesis that is known to mediate allergic reactions in the human body.

To my utter amazement, I can bear witness to the fact that within 2 days of ingesting only one ounce of mangosteen juice twice a day I had almost complete resolution of my allergic symptoms and was able to discontinue all of my antihistamine medications.

Feeling that this was “too good to be true” I then initiated my own washout protocol by stopping the mangosteen juice for one day. To my astonishment, the following day I was re-introduced to my former allergy symptoms of pounding headaches, congestion, and sneezing, which again resolved after restarting the mangosteen juice.

It is extremely gratifying to know that there is strong scientific proof for the health benefits I experienced with mangosteen juice.

The validation of this product by identifying the scientific role of Xanthones allows me to refute the many skeptics who are biased against the use of all natural non-toxic treatments for medical illnesses and would rather worship at the altar of Big Pharma and buy into the medical establishment’s view that all we need are stronger medications to vanquish all of the world’s diseases, notwithstanding the fact that the Institute of Medicine reports that adverse reactions to medications kill at least 108,000 people a year.

Throughout my medical career I have been disheartened to observe that in the U.S. we have more medicines but less health and I am immensely grateful that there exists a natural product such as mangosteen juice which is health enhancing and non-toxic.


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One more thing:

As this information finds its way into more Doctors hands, it will eventually be introduced to patients with allergic rhinitis and related problems. Presently there are hundreds of Doctors experimenting with Mangosteen and contributing to the growing pool of evidence showing positive results for allergic rhinitis and other allergy problems.

With universities and independent studies focusing on Xanthones and the healing power they offer, we should eventually see Mangosteen emerging as an important part of general health, somewhat like what happened with Aloe Vera a few years ago.