Drug and Alcohol Abuse – Relapse Prevention

In addiction recovery, we also have to look at where you left on your developmental track in the first place. While you numbed out, developmental pieces in your life got put on hold. So, now that you are getting your life back on track, being sober, doing what you need to do; you also have to look at what it was in the first place that you were avoiding dealing with. Was it some pain? Trauma?

A drug addiction counselor can help you get past the numbing or desire to hide from pain. Something like abandonment, or rejection, not feeling lovable is enough to get everything of dramatic response going. You can settle it all down with support. Working with the emotions, healing the underlying grief and loss issues, looking at inner child unmet needs allows you to move forward into health and balance.

A Helping Hand

Most people need a direction, a road map to get them from one point to another. The recovery steps build into long term life management. With supports in place, better coping skills, practice at working through problems that everyone experiences, life can be manageable in most situations.

Relapse is when something catches you, and you go into triggers of woundedness, despair, and lose sight of yourself as capable of sobriety and addiction- free living. I have heard clients talk of a heartbreak, a job loss, or some significant change that seems bigger then what they see themselves as capable of coping with. Sometimes even after decades of sobriety and addiction free living, there is a relapse!… Again, the recovery steps are put into place.

The Prevention is to keep the supports in place, the 12 step group, the community supports, the creative, social pieces of life that make life enjoyable. Checking in and balancing with psychological tuneups is part of well-being. Some safety sensitive jobs require ongoing monitoring with a therapist for up to 2 years, reports are sent in as part of compliance steps required by the employer. Whether it is self -initiated or the employer initiated, I can do long term sobriety and recovery monitoring. By looking at risk reduction, personal coping skills and supports needed; you can live the life you want.