Managing The Emotional Environment

Managing the behavioral environment is seen in daycare and other institutionalized environments. There is a structure, a set of processes and routines that get set up in such a way that results with the best possible outcome. People working together know the structure, can self regulate their behaviors within the expectations, and communicate in a united field of expectations. Now take that idea and apply it to the unseen arena of emotional projection, transference, bullying, shut- down or withdrawn behaviors and then there is this whole other awareness to work within.

Managing the emotional environment. You can learn to anchor, ground yourself so that, like a duck- water can run off of your back. What is not your emotion to manage you do not engage with. Just like the duck, there is a Spiritual immunity system that comes into play: the oil in the duck feathers create a boundary so that the water does not penetrate and effect the body temperature or condition of the duck. It can remain in cold water and not get iced up.

Create your filters: working with your own energy in a mindful way. Learning to observe, catch yourself and redirect your own thoughts helps you to be your own best friend. Change is an inside job. What is the internal conflict? How does your unresolved past issue show up in behaviour now? How do you integrate past, present, future? How do you bring compassion and forgiveness into your own life?

Within your body: manage the self talk. This tool can be used for self awareness and deep tissue healing within your body. Learning to listen to your own body sensations and body language you better read what your intuition is telling you.

Part of Emotional, Spiritual, Mental and Physical balance is to be able to refuel your body with energy that nourishes all of your systems. rest, nutrition, meditation. You also need to recognize toxic energy and either shift it or remove yourself from it.

In working with other people’s energy; You do not take on other people’s emotions as a statement about yourself. When you have learned how to work with, redirect, choose your own healthy self care; then you can use tools to boundary set. When you can separate your issues from other people’s issues, you can then use your power to clean up attitudes and choose behaviors with great outcomes.

Mindfulness, meditations, prayer, music, Reiki, martial arts, yoga, tuning into nature, are great ways to work with energy systems that we constantly live in. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki experience and knowledge inform my practice. Heart coherency meditation, Ho Opono Opono, doing proxy healing work, helps with grief and loss. Awareness’s can be a lot of fun and easy to use, and helps manage anxiety and depression symptoms.

Within Families: with awareness of patterns, and energy signatures, you can choose what you want to interact with, and allow into your experience. Using boundaries, assertiveness, you can speak your truth, and redirect projected energies back to the sender. With awareness, you can monitor and screen for acceptable ways to treat family members and to shift the family structure of rules and awareness’s to reflect that. When someone is projecting oppression or scapegoating or simply not dealing with their own crap and expecting others to do damage control for them- you can effectively confront the issues and ask for a shift.

Within Workplaces: oppressive practice, bullying, lateral violence is still so common in many work environments. Both employers and employees need to own their own behaviors and emotions so they can be more capable of dealing with clients or work demands. Having a healthy environment is part of making employees feel safe, productive. When you have a happy, productive staff, you attract more customer satisfaction.

Mindfulness and Energy medicine in the workplace looks like building safety and support into the environment. Do you have times for people to eat their lunches together? Do you have team or employee support? Is the environment safe, relaxing and homey? A healthy way to debrief and acknowledge contributions helps a lot. Depending on the business- having a buddy system to look out for each other helps too. Being aware of emotional energy, attitudes emitted in the workplace is the first step in shifting it- to be beneficial. Awareness of your emotions, others emotions and the impact the emotional experience has in the workplace is so important in a healthy work environment.