Substance Abuse Counselor – Education and Recovery

Know what you are up against. There are different stages of recovery. Many people find comfort and motivation in a 12 STEP recovery program like AA, or Wellbreity. Individual and group support on a social level in the community is precious.

Some people can go “Cold Turkey” and just endure the discomfort of withdrawal from the addiction. In some cases it is recommended that you be in a medically supervised program like the Phoenix Center in Kamloops. There is a Methadone program in Kamloops, for those who need a gradual reduction of drug, and to reduce risk. It is best to have a family doctor oversee severe addiction management. There are prescriptions available to support the body in detoxifying. Most treatment programs require a doctor’s examination as part of the application process.

Recovery steps start with an awareness of where you are functioning in your life. Addiction severity can go from pre-contemplation- where you think there may be a problem, to a severe addiction going into full blown mental health sickness, with some or many symptoms.

Talk to Someone About it

As a substance abuse counselor I can screen you and we assess how severe your addiction is. Depending on what steps you are willing to take, we plan recovery steps together. You can get your life back on track, get your supports in place and live sober.

At the severe addiction level, health, family, job and other aspects of “Normal” life fall apart for an individual. The addict’s family are often in despair and traumatized at the severe level. Often at this stage the addict’s life starts to crumble: loss of job, divorce, loss of $ financial stability, maybe bankruptcy, loss of friends and estrangement of extended family, as well as immediate family. Level of violence, poverty, sickness, and further loss of personal control. Because of an inability to self regulate, there may be a police or criminal activity record, or pending jail.

Often there are psychological issues that need to be worked through as part of recovery: grief and loss, inner child and trauma work, sexuality and self image, proper use of personal power, managing conflict before it gets to rage, use of emotional intelligence skills.

I work with clients in various stages of addiction, and support them to balance their bodies, their lives and to build relationships in their lives. It starts with you.

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